Book the cheapest lodging abroad

You surely heard about AirBNB, especially after the last campaign against Donald Trump’s racism, which slogan  is We Accept.

People like you and me, rent their houses, apartments, or even a small space in their rooms for very competitive prices. I personally found a studio in Paris in peak tourism days for 55 euros for me and my family.

For a single room, or a shared room, you can even find for 19 euros or less depending on the city, season and quality. A friend of mine rented a full house of 4 rooms with a garden in a small town for 32 euros.

And the best news, if you subscribe to AirBNB by clicking to this link (this is a referal), you will be granted a discount on your first booking.

Find a hotel and compare prices with Trivago

After you register, you will be able to have more discounts if you invite your friends.

So it is much more cheaper than hotel, moreover you can use the kitchen to do your own cooking. I highly recommend for families.



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