Nigeria ECOWAS Immigration

Nigeria ECOWAS Immigration

Looking for the process to immigration and work in Nigeria if you leave in Ghana, Benin and other west african countries (ECOWAS), please read this article.

The Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS), which is a regional group of fifteen countries that include Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Cote d’ivoire, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Lone, Equatorial Guinea and Togo. Established in 1975 the group aimed to promote economic and cultural integration in the member countries. The group boasts an ECOWS Travel Certificate as well as a common ECOWAS passport for the citizens of its member countries. This passport or the certificate allows convenient intra-regional visa-free travel and residence by the citizens of the member states and is also valid for international travel.

ECOWAS region


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Nigeria ECOWAS Immigration : The step by step process

STEP 1: Know Your Rights

The ECOWAS Protocol allows you the following:

  • Visa free entry of 90 days in Nigeria.

  • Right of residence (upon procurement of Residence Card).

  • The right of establishing of business in Nigeria.

STEP 2: Understand The immigration  Requirements & Collect Relevant Documents

  • Nationality of countries that are signatories to the ECOWAS treaty of May 1975.

  • Valid travel documents e.g. Country’s Passport or ECOWAS Travel Certificate

  • Admission through approved port of entry.

  • Procurement of Residence Card, valid for 5 years subject to passport validity.

STEP 3: Applying For Residence Card (immigration)

Upon arrival in Nigeria, you must apply for a Residence Card which is valid for a period of up to 5 years depending on the validity of your passport, and is renewable upon expiration.

  • Follow the link to Nigeria Immigration Portal’s Home page:

  • Find and fill in the ECOWAS Residence Card application form (available at the following link: and submit the application by clicking the submission button

  • Get a printed visa application acknowledgement slip by clicking the “Print Acknowledgement Slip” button.

  • Then proceed to the online application processing payment procedure page and make your payments through the available online payments options including Bank Direct Transfer, eWallet and Credit/Debit Card.

  • Upon acquisition of the “Validation Number” which is given once you make the payments, visit the NTS website and check the status of your application by entering the required information like your Application Id, Reference Number etc.

  • Follow the instruction and procedure on the website (detailed procedure available on the following link: and print your NIS e-receipt or Acknowledgement Slip which will have the details of date and timing of your scheduled assessment interview and which you will need when appearing for your interview.

  • Appear for the interview with the required document, including the NIS e-receipt or Acknowledgement Slip. A complete list of the required documents are listed below:

  1. A valid International Passport or a valid ECOWS Travel Certificate

  2. A photocopy of your passport or ECOWS Travel Certificate’s Bio-data and Information page.

  3. Two of your recent and coloured passport size photographs.

  4. Proof of the online payment (Printed Payment Confirmation Page of the website).

  5. A completely filled in application form.

  6. Your Letter of Employment.

  7. Your Letter of Acceptance of Employment.

  8. A letter from your employer who is accepting all the immigration responsibilities.

  9. A copy of your Curriculum Vitae (present only when demanded by the authorities).

  10. A copy of your ECOWAS Registration Certificate from LGA of your domicile.

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