UK Visa Application

UK Visa Application from Nigeria is a procedure in 5 steps :

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please pay attention that there are two Accounts Registration for UK Visa Application from Nigeria

One of them is on the Visa4UK website, which is the Governement website, the second one is on Teleperformance which is a private company who manages the UK Visa Applications in Nigeria

  1. Register to Visa4UK website account: this step will allow you to pre-fill your information. This step is compulsory, your information will be submitted through this website. Here’s Visa4UK website link. Note, some users waste their time by searching for website, remember it is visa4UK (makes sens) not UK4visa.
  2. Fill in the UK Visa application form.
      1. For this step, it is recommended to have all your information prepared. Because UK Visa application form requires a lot of information, you should at least have your passport in front of you, as well as your travel documents.
      2. If you’ll be hosted by your family or your friends, have their address and full information such as name, date of birth, etc.
      3. If you you’ll stay in a hotel in UK, be prepared with your voucher, hotel address and phone number, booking number and other info.


  3. Pay the visa application fees, UK visa application fees from Nigeria for a short term (less then 6 months) visit is 142 USD. You can check the full list of UK Visa application fees by clicking this page (UK Visa Fees).
  4. Print your UK Visa Application form : you will be requested to present this form when coming to the visa application center
  5. Get an appointment on the same website
  6. IMPORTANT : at this stage you should have got your GWF number, if at this point you do not have it please check the steps above. GWF number is essential and will be required at the Visa application center, please check it and write it down
  7. Register for a UK Visa Application account on the Visa Center Website, this is known as teleperformance website. Please pay attention that this is the second one. If you already have an account on Teleperformance you can log in directly. Registering in this website will allow you to track your visa Application later on
  8. Fill your information again
  9. Attend your UK Visa Application appointment with the requested documents
  10. Track your visa Application on Teleperformance Website
  11. When ready attend to Teleperformance Visa Application Center in Nigeria with the following documents
    • Your ID
    • A copy of the same ID
    • Your UK visa application checklist


  1. Urgent – trying to pay online for UK Visa but it keeps saying payment unsuccessful. Can I pay directly to your account and present the teller when submitting my application? What is the account number to use? Please respond. Thanks.

  2. There is a national central bank direction restricting card payments to $300. I have tried several cards and the problem persists. I have contacted the bank and was told that no bank has the ability to waive or work around this restriction. So please URGENTLY provide an alternative channel to pay my UK visa fee of $598. Thanks.

  3. My elder sister wants to invite my parent to come over to London for a visit. My parent are bit elderly , can visa application be done in proxy?.
    Finally what papers does my sister need to make available such application/visit

  4. Dear Sir,
    We wish to make an inquiry if our Company 3months Bank statement will be accepted for our Chairman/CEO to attend a business meeting with a winery in Middlesex, UK
    Fatogab Nigeria Limited was incorporated in 2013 but there was no enough money to start the business of the Company but now we have raised enough money to start our business and the winery has contacted us to prepare for our wine tasting,sole distributorship right etc
    We shall be glad if our request could be granted
    Jimoh Ajayi Abimbola

  5. Hello, I am have been having difficulties making payment for my visa renewal on the visa4uk website; this is despit trying various cards. Is there anyway i can make the payment at the drop off location or what other options are available?

  6. Dear administrator, thanks for the good work here, Please will my WEMA or GTB NAIRA MASTERCARD be useful in making payment for my standard visitors visa ($110)? Thanks

  7. Please I want to renew my 5 years visa that will expire by next month,I will like to apply for the renewal for 10 years. understood that the process has changed that it will be online application.
    My question is in terms of visa payment,must it be domiciliary Mastercard, won’t my naira Mastercard suffice.

  8. I have been trying to make payment for uk standard visitor’s visa using my gtb master card but has been unsuccessful. Please how do I go about it.

  9. I want to apply for uk family visiting visa, please is the visa fee same as that of a person. How do go about it?

  10. Hi admin, I applied for a student visa way back 2007, I was denied and I appealed, it was granted but I didn’t follow up. Now I wish to apply freshly on a visit to attend a conference in August, what are the documents I need to get and I wish to stay in an hotel all through, can you please guild me on the steps to apply on current UK Visa application

  11. Hi Admin. I wish to renew my visa and apply for 2years visa but unfortunately my passport expires November 2018. Is that possible or not?
    Kindly Advice.

  12. Hello administrator, good morning, I wish to apply for a visiting visa for the first time with my husband. Please how do I go about it. Urgent reply will be appreciated. Thanks.

  13. I had about four UK visit visa (6 months visas) on my expired passport. My last application was student visa which was refused back in 2009. Now I’m married with children and wish to visit the UK with my family. What are my chances and how do I go about it.

    1. None can tell you with certainty but it will highly depend on your financial and professional situation and ability to take in charge your expenses and your family’s during your stay.

  14. Hi Admin
    I have previously got a 5 year visa which expires and I want to renew for 10 years . Unfortunately i clicked 5 yr visitor. After completing the form I tried to change it to 10 yrs but it was not possible. Is there anyway I can pay for the 10 years. What’s your advice please

    1. You can wait to get your visa then apply once again for 10 years. If they grant it to you they will cancel the first one.

  15. hi please I need an urgent answer. can someone at the UK help me get and fill out the visa application form?
    Secondly since the the person will be responsible for all expenses, do I need to show prove my bank statement or his?

  16. Hello,we were denied Visa in 2013 my wife and i .Since then we’ve not applied but I want my wife and Children to apply alone.Am not keen going to UK for now.Do i still need the to attach the refusal letter of my wife back for my wife.Your candid opinion.
    Many thanks.

  17. Please I am a first time applicant. I want to apply for me my wife and my two kids. Do I apply for family visa or tourist visa of 6months for each. Also, I am a bit confused on which is the correct website to apply, is it or I will appreciate if I can know the right one to use. Also when I used the latter website the fees was $119 as of $110 dollars u mention. Please clarify. Thanks.

  18. Hello administrator, I want to apply for UK visiting visa. I intend to spend 3weeks. Help me check if the below documents are enough :
    1. Intl passport
    2. Letter of employment
    3. Letter of introduction from my office
    4. Tax clearance card
    5. Bank statement of 600k (6 months)
    6. Salary payslip of 6months

  19. Hi, i have been trying to pay my visa application fee with my dollar card for two days now . its been unsuccessful. my visa appointment is supposed to be tomorrow. i still cannot pay for the application. what do i do?

  20. Good day. I’m desirous of visiting the Uk on holiday. I was denied in January 2010 while still in school. Now gainfully employed. My question is how much do i need to have in my account before i can apply?

  21. My name is barrister Akindele from Adebayo Williams &co.i have written numerous letters regarding the 10 yrs ban imposed on my client Mr OBIOZO ONYEJEKWE WITH REF NUMBER:LAG 5296656 without any reply.
    His direct circumstances have changed in Nigeria nd circumstantial documentary evidences to this effect has been sent to dis embassy without any reply.
    I need a reply concerning the lifting of the ban imposed.
    I await a quick reply.


  22. Hi Admin,

    My girlfriend invited me for her graduation, which comes up in September, I want to know if I can apply for 2years visa, instead of the short term which is 6months. Also, I wish to know the possibility of getting the 2 years visa.

    Thank you

  23. Hi Admin,

    Regards my previous question; My girlfriend invited me for her graduation, which comes up in September, I want to know if I can apply for 2years visa, instead of the short term which is 6months. Also, I wish to know the possibility of getting the 2 years visa. I have never been to the UK before.


  24. if interested in making uk visa fee payment or how to apply for the application call this number 09092700527..
    office is at the uk submission center church gate street Victoria island lagos

  25. Hello to the administrator, I will like to know if I need a transcript to apply for work visa to the UK from Nigeria(I already have CoS from the NHS)

  26. Hello administrator. I just completed my UK application form online and after changing my maiden name and stating the reason for name change.; the submitted form now reads my maiden name. I can’t make changes- and I have booked an appointment. What do you advice?

    1. when you go to your appointments bring with you the documents that proof the reason for the change… the more official the documents are the best it will be

      also, join to your file a letter explaining why you submitted with your maiden name and why it changed since, + the above mentioned document

  27. Hello admin
    I have been trying to pay my Visa fee online with my Master card. It’s bin unsuccessful. Please I need ur assistance on what to do

  28. Good day Admin. Your responses has been very helpful. I am applying with my wife and kid for a UK tourist visa. Will I apply for a tourist 6 month visa or family visa. Can I pay using Naira MasterCard because I don’t have dollar account.
    Thanks in anticipation.

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