US Visa Application

Let’s make it clear about what US Visa Application we are taling about

US Visa : types of visa

There are two main types of Visa for US : Immigrant Visa and Non Immigrant one.

Immigrant visa is for people applying for a permannent residence in the USA. This is mainly for people selected in the frame of so called Green Card Lottery or Diversity Visa program. Also falling under this category : work visa, student visa, etc. Let’s talk about this visa in a separate article.

Non Immigrant visa is used for a temporary stay. All what doesn’t fall in the above type of visa is a temporary Non Immigrant visa, including touristic visa. If your US Visa application is for Tourism, Business Travel, short term studies or limited duration work visa, then you need a Non Immigrant Visa.

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Where to proceed with US Visa Application in Nigeria?

First, fill the DS-160 form (online US Visa Application)

You should visit the website below and fill in the electronic form. At any moment, you can save your form, and upload it later to complete your application. Here is the URL

Please make sure to keep the 10 digits code you’ll receive at the end of the process.

Where should I go Actually ?

After taking your appointement and paying the fees. Your US Visa application should be submitted either tothe U.S. Embassy in Abuja or to the U.S. Consulate General located in Lagos. Here below are the location of both insitutions :

US Embassy in Abuja :

Plot 1075 Diplomatic Drive
Central District Area, Abuja
Telephone: (234)-9-461-4000

Consular Section, Lagos (Visas)

2 Walter Carrington Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos

Telephone: (234)-1-460-3400, 460-3600
Fax: (234)-1-261-2218

How do I get an appointment for US Visa Application

Sign up in the bellow website to schedule an appointment with a US Consulate Officer. It is advisable to take the appointment 3 months prior to your planned trip.


What are the requirements of my US Visa Application ?

You have to know that the US visa is not a guarantee for an entry to the US territory. Getting the visa, means you convinced the US officer that you are really tied to Nigeria, and you have more than serious reasons to get back to Nigeria after your stay in the US.

Any proof would be considered like having a family and children, having a good job and sources of revenue, a house, a car, bank account, any other engagement can help you demonstrating that you are willing to return home after your trip.

How much are the fees ?

The visa fees vary from 31 200 Naira to 51 675 (160$ to 265$). However, must common visa (like tourist and business visa) are 31 200 Naira (160$).

You should pay your visa fees at GTBank, please visit their website

You’ll find there the appropriate slips to use to send the cash. You’ll be given a receipt. You should keep it as you’ll be requested this document in the embassy along with the DS-160 code you received when you filled the form.


  1. Please sir/ma, is it necessary to book for hotel in us, once i have someone who gave me the invitation and wrote on the invitation letter that he is going to provide me accommodation and transportation throughout of my staying with him? please your quick response will be highly appreciated. thanks.

    1. I perceive you are a young person. Under 40. I’m hoping your application clearly shows a stable job that you have been at for at least 2years. Its not mandatory, but it helps, trust me.

      Now, that friend (US Citizen with a home and a stable verifiable job AND POSSIBLY, FAMILY, I assume), should be willing to go the extra mile to give more documents to help u. Eg, passport data Page, evidence of his home/rent/mortgage, just more – for the interview.

      Else, you are better off not filling out that friend’s address n details as host. Its usually difficult to convince them about friends. And when they see that on your form as a first time US intendee, it raises red flags way b4 u appear for your interview.

      Try keep it simple. If you have a stable job, apply as an adult who wants to simply go on a 2weeks holiday during his annual leave. Book your hotel, get your visa and change your mind later.

      There’s nothing cast in stone, but it does help if you can tell your VO at the interview that you have travelled to other western countries, etc. It helps. Good luck.

  2. I have been refused visiting visa for like four times. What is the causes my refusal when I have a sister with citizenship certificate and my mother also there with resident permit card. What can I do to get the visiting visa. Thank you.

    1. It appears to them that you plan to relocate when you meet your family 🙂 There are instances when having family doesn’t quite work in ones favour (but you are right to declare that you have such family).

      Are you single? It doesn’t help that you have all that family and then, single. Sadly.

      If the above apply to you, try changing something about your (declared) situation. Eg, try travelling to another Western country, then reapply. (There are other things I could suggest too, but I don’t you to go thinking those are cast in stone). All the best

  3. please i need immigrant visa to US .where in port Harcourt can i locate a visa lottery company that i cqn come to ask about the steps involved. i need a visa company that can provide work for me in USA.I AM a registered nurse in Nigeria with 8 yrs nursing experience , age 31, married with 2 kids.pls reply.

  4. Hello ma sir what are the neccesary question you will be ask at the us enbassey an I whant to ask can some one be granted a visa in the first interview at the embassy

    And sir I want to ask how much is the form from bank and which type of visa did I need for working and living in usa

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