Australian Work Visa

Since Nigerians are not eligible for a Working Holiday Visa in Australia so the most suitable option is to apply for an employer-sponsored work visa. Employer-sponsored visas are offered across a wide range of occupations and allow Nigerians to live and work in Australia for as much as four years.

It is one of the most widely used visa programs used by employers to bring in their overseas employees to work in Australia on a temporary basis. The Australian government has also introduced many special arrangements for the employers in the regional areas across the country.

A successful applicant is given a temporary residence in Australia and can have multiple entries to and from Australia for the whole duration of his/her visa without any sort of restrictions. The sponsored employees can stay in Australia for the whole length of their visa’s validity period as the visa does not expire when their sponsorship expires and the applicants can also keep applying for any permanent visa class.

Who Can Apply?

Professionals having the necessary skills and experience needed by the Australian approved employer who is sponsoring you. You should have a valid job offer at a full-time skilled position that is approved by the Australian visa program and which meets the Australian minimum salary range. However, if you are being sponsored by a regional employer than you may be exempted from the minimum skills and minimum salary requirements if the offered position is in any region or any low populated areas of the country. Moreover, you need to take an Australian Visa authority’s approved English language proficiency test to prove that you have sufficient ability in the English language to work in Australia. You also need to be under fifty years of age.

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Cost Incurred?

The visa fee hovers around $100 for the applicant while the employer needs to pay around $200 in the name of the Sponsorship Charges and Nomination Fee.


The sponsorships are divided into the following three categories:


1. A Temporary Business Visa – A Standard Business Sponsorship

A Standard Business Sponsorship is by far the most widely employed program by the employers who want to sponsor their employees’ work visa. The Burden on the employee is only to prove that he meets all the skill sets required for the job while the employer may be bound to prove that s/he cannot meet the workforce needs for the job from within their country as well as that employing an overseas worker will be in the benefit of Australia.

2. Educational Visa

This is the most commonly used approach for educationists. This visa lets educational workers and teachers from Nigeria to work for any Australian educational organization for as much as four years. To be eligible for this visa, you need to have a valid sponsorship offer from a registered Australian educational organization.

3. Medical Practitioner Visa

This standard employer sponsorship visa is by far the most favored choice of doctors and other related to the medical field for entering Australia. This visa also allows an employer to sponsor not only a single person, but also a group of medical professional in one go if required. In order to get this visa, your sponsoring organization must prove that you, the applicant, can meet the Australian medical practitioner registration requirements and would also have to ensure that you apply to the relevant territory or state Medical Board for registration for practicing in Australia.

What should you do to apply for any of the above mentioned work visas:

1. Hunt for an employer who is willing to sponsor your visa.2. Make sure your employer is registered to be a sponsor.

3. Ask the employer to nominate you for the position they wish to recruit you for. When an applicant applies, s/he nominate any skilled occupation, which fits your qualification and skills. Make sure you are only applying for the occupation that is listed in the Australian Skilled Occupations List.

4. Before you apply for a visa, it is mandatory to have your skills assessed by the Australian assessing authority which is designated to assess your nominated occupation.

5. Make sure to fetch your health assessment certificate from a doctor authorized by the Australian visa department in your country. It is also mandatory to get a character certificate from your local Nigerian police department.

6. Once the nomination and sponsorship forms are lodged, you can apply for the visa. You can apply either online or at a departmental business centre in Australia. You can also apply for the visa through postal mail at any Australian Government Overseas Office in Nigeria.


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