UK Student (Tier 4) visa

What is Tier 4 visa

First you need to know what is Tier 4 sponsor. The foreign affairs of UK maintain a document called Register of Tier 4 Sponsors. This documents contains a list of British institutions that can provide sponsorship for you and are validated by the government. You can find this list under this link
Each of these institutions have a rating, and address a student category. We beleive the higher the rate of the school is the best it is for your scolarship and for the visa file.

Why Tier 4 sponsor is important

Condition Number 1 to get a UK Student visa, is to have an offer of a place, sent by a sponsor from the above list. Means one of these schools should send you an offer to enroll in one of their courses. This offer has a reference number wich is called CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies). This number is the most important thing in this offer as you will need it in your file.


The second most important condition is your financial resources. You should have enough money to pay your scolarship and to live in UK during your studies. You’ll have to show evidences that you have such money.

You should not be from the European union or from Switzerland, as this procedure is not applicable for them.

English Language Command

As a Nigerian citizen, you should prove your level of english by passing a specific test the SELT (secure English language test). For full requirements please check this link

List of documents Needed for Tier 4 student visa

  • A passport
  • Evidence of your financial resources as mentioned earlier
  • The consent (signed document) of your parent or legal guardian. You should also provide an evidence of your relationship with this person even if it is your parents
  • Tuberculosis test results
  • At least one blank page in your passport

How to apply


If you don’t have an account yet, go to UK border website, create an account, the login and follow the steps.

You need then to book an appointment to the Application center, please check our article about visitors visa.

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